Friday, February 18, 2011

top ten benefits of a exercise

Medical experts had been saying that we should practice regular exercises. Most of them even highly recommend going to gym at least twice a week. Well, according to them a regular exercise together with a healthy diet would simply give us a healthy life. Yet, is it just that what exercise really can do? I tried to enumerate all the possible benefits we can get from a regular exercises. I hope that my the end of my list I would be able to convince you that indeed a regular exercise would be good for you!


1.GOOD EXERCISE CAN BURN CALORIES. Yes, regular exercise is a key to a sexier you because you will burn that excess fats and loose weight when you do regular exercise. There is actually no prescribed type of exercise as long as you perspire this means that you are burning fats.
2. EXERCISE can help you get a sound sleep at night. A good exercise in the morning would awaken your senses and you will feel energetic all through out the day. At night, your body will feel tired and this would send you to a sound sleep at night.
3. EXERCISE improves blood circulation. Every time you move your any part of your body oxygen is needed. Hence everytime you exercise, your muscles would require oxygen and your blood would do the circulation to deliver more oxygen.
4. EXERCISE can make you feel better since the brain would be stimulated to produce the hormone endorphin. Endorphin is the hormone of happiness and love. Hence when you regularly exercise you will feel better and feel happier.
5. EXERCISE can decrease the chance of you getting fatal diseases like heart disease, stroke, kidney problems and diabetes. These are all true because when you do exercise blood circulation is improved through out the body. A good circulation is the key to the have  healthier body organ hence diseases stated above are avoided.
6.EXERCISE can put back the magic in your sex life. Experts says that regular exercises increases the libido both in women and men. Furthermore, it can decrease the chance of acquiring erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation on men.
7. EXERCISES help you to be more alert and this can increases your concentration and can make you be more focused. This can help you decide more intelligently and can make you think more clearly!
8. EXERCISE tone up your muscles. It known to everybody that exercises can make you achieve that 6packs abs and can make your waistline smaller and firmer. This because of the activities which the muscles underneath receives. Muscles are shaped every time you actively moved them.
9. EXERCISE reduces your blood pressure since cholesterol-clogged arteries are being cleared up.
10. EXERCISE will give you a healthier life!

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