Wednesday, February 23, 2011


CANCER is considered as one of the top-killing disease today. The figure of its victim is quite high and it continues to rise every second of the day. Studies show that almost 1500 lives are taken away by cancer everyday and it is accounted for 1 of every 4 death every hour. Experts said that when no effective measure was taken to prevent CANCER it would be the world’s top killing disease by year 2015. What’s even worst is that CANCER affects everyone, may you be an elderly or just a child.

Experts never stop finding for the cure of CANCER. New technologies and new modalities are discovered every year to treat it. Vaccines are made available to fight certain types of CANCER like the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer and hepa B vaccine for liver cancer. Yet, FDA didn’t approve these vaccines as a standard treatment but only as prevention.

So how CANCER does develops? Normally, your healthy cells undergo a process of mitosis to multiply and develop. When cell became damaged or is already old it is normally replaced by healthy new cells. However, there are times that there is an uncontrolled cell development. Cells multiply and develop faster. These abnormal cells don’t die and they just continue to reproduce. Soon, they will become an abnormal mass of tissue known as tumor that will start to invade and damage normal cells. Hence cancer attack starts.

Study shows that it takes almost ten years for cancer cells to fully mature. The process of cancer development is quite slow but when it reaches its maturity it rapidly spreads in the different parts of the body. Chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery is the treatment of choice however these don’t guarantee full recovery. The chance of recurrence after some time is still high.

That is why medical experts always remind the public that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Treatment of cancer is quite difficult so better prevent it before it happens. Doctors suggest that the world should start to modify their lifestyle since most of the cancers results from bad habits.

STOP SMOKING. Smoking is the number reason for LUNG CANCER. Nicotine damages the sensitive linings of your airways and lungs. Normally these damaged cells would heal but when there is prolong exposure to this chemical the cellular healing process is affected. Abnormal cellular scarring develops and sooner and later these abnormal scars would multiply. It would be too late for you to know that you had already developed a lung tumor.

LIMIT FOODS COOKED IN HIGH TEMPERATURE. Grilled and smoked meat contains CARCINOGEN. Carcinogens are cancer causing ingredients.

STOP ALCOHOL INTAKE. Even though experts said that one bottle of beer a day is fine, it is still safe to stop alcohol intake if possible. Alcohol damages and weakens your liver making it susceptible to infections such as hepatitis virus. Hepa B is a known precursor of LIVER CANCER.

AVOID EXPOSURE with asbestos, aflatoxins, radiation. The internet had a longer list of chemicals to avoid. You are recommended to do some research since many of the chemicals can be found inside your home.

EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE REGULARLY. Eat foods high in fiber to avoid colon cancer. Fiber cleanses your colon and it also washes out free radicals and harmful elements in your stomach and colon. We should take fruits and vegetables, as least three to five servings a day. Avoid canned and prepared foods since these contain cancer causing substances.

STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. There are numerous infections that end up with cancer development so the key is to simply have a strong immunity to avoid getting infections.

Hereditary is one of the strong factors that cause cancer. Yet, one should not loose hope for even though there is still no known cure for cancer the world had given us thousands of ways to prevent it. 

Cancer might be dreadful but don’t let it damaged your body. Just take the necessary measure and you will definitely be free from it.

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