Thursday, July 29, 2010

Insomia - why can't you sleep

Has it been hard for you to fall asleep when you go to bed at night? Do you often wake up during the night or very early in the morning and finding it to go to sleep again? If your answer is yes then you might be suffering from insomnia, a medical condition which refers to difficulty in sleeping.
Many conditions may affect one’s sleep pattern. A diet high in caffeine, for example, may make you feel more energetic thus you will find it hard to sleep. Stress also has something to do with our sleepless nights. Studies shows that people who had been feeling tense during the day feel unrested the following morning even after an eight our of uninterrupted sleep. A full stomach late in the evening is also not conducive to sleeping for it cause your body works overtime. On the other hand, sleeplessness is quite normal if you are pregnant. The condition of a pregnant woman make it hard for her to get a comfortable position to sleep into Also, the movement of the baby may keep her awake the whole night. Furthermore, pregnant women normally urinate more frequent thus, a need to get up from bed every night and then.
It is recommended to observe your usual sleep pattern. List down when did you experienced difficulty in sleeping, what have you eaten or what did you do the entire day prior to sleeping. This information will be helpful for your doctor once you seek medical help. On the other hand, below are list of some tips that might help you to avoid sleeplessness yet a visit to your doctor is still advised.
1. Take a warm bath. A warm bath instead of a shower helps to relax your mind and body.
2. Read recreational books that are not associated with your work or study. This helps your mind to divert your attention and thinking from your work to a more calm ideas.
3. Try to find new activities to during your extra waking hours. Strenuous exercises made your body work harder that it will get tired and will require you to have it rested by getting a good sleep at night.
Every people has different regimen to help them rest at night. Some drink warm milk, some listen to a relaxing music, while some watched relaxing movies. Try to discover your own regimen, however if after every effort and still you feel restless at night, consulting your physician is highly recommended.