Monday, January 17, 2011

too much salt will kill you

A food would be tasteless without a pinch of salt and that's a simple kitchen fact every household knows. Indeed, chef considered salt as their own magic wand that just by one stroke it can turn any dish into a delicacy. Unfortunately, too much of anything can harm us and salt is not an exemption to the rule. Worst, most of the deadly threat to human life is primarily caused by too much salt intake.

Hypernatremia is the medical term for an increase level of sodium in the blood. Naturally, the body eliminates excess sodium through our kidneys in the form of a urine. Yet, when too much sodium is in the blood it draws water meaning excess sodium results to excess water. When some one is overloaded with fluid the body compensates as evidence by faster heartbeat and increase in blood pressure. An uncontrolled blood pressure is then the etiology of many diseases including kidney failure, heart ailment and blood vessel damage.

So control your salt intake before it became too late. Avoid foods that are high in sodium. Too easily know what group of foods are to be avoided just bare in mind that any commercially prepared food, canned food, processed food, too much colored food and packed food are the highest salt-containing food. Refrain from eating these foods and you are adding another day to your life. 

If however you are already experiencing some of the symptoms given below, visiting your doctor is strongly advised.


- edema
-nausea and vomiting
-appetite loss
-muscle weakness
-muscle cramps

Treatment for hypernatremia lies behind its etiology. If excess sodium is caused by diet you may be advised to avoid foods that are high containing salt. On the other hand, if you are diagnosed to have more major disease such as kidney problem and heart ailment, further examinations will be required.

So don't let yourself experience the pain of a lifetime ailment. Prevent the disease today and you just don't know how muchyou are saving your life in the future!


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