Wednesday, October 6, 2010

combat the asthma now!

I know many people who are afflicted with asthma. Three of them are even my relative while the other one is my boyfriend. I've witnessed them grasping their breath as asthma episodically attacks them. They seem to be a helpless and defenseless victims, lying on their bed and attached to oxygen for survival.

Asthma is a respiratory condition where the air passageways narrows making the patient complains of difficulty of breathing. The narrowing of passageways may be due to several factors, with allergy being the most common. Allergens such as dust,pollen, mold and animal dander are the most common etiologic agent that triggers the attack of asthma. However, stress, infection, changes in weather may also contribute.

When asthma attacks, the airways became inflamed and constricted, muscles surrounding the air tubes go into spasm, the mucous lining swells and secretions build up. The victim would then experience difficulty of breathing accompanied with a whistling sound in inspiration. In severe cases, the patient may become bluish and might loss her or his consciousness.

Most of the attacks happen at home, hence, all of the family member must be knowledgeable and skillful enough to provide first aid treatment. Here is some of the important list, we must do when someone get's into attack


1. Loosen all constricted clothing and provide air ventilation by opening windows and use of electric fan.
2. Remove the patient from the reason of the attack i.e if the asthma was triggered with cigarette smoking.
3. Assist the patient in taking her or his inhaler. (Asthmatic patients usually carries with them their inhaler.)
4. If you have a nebulizer, have the patient nebulized.

If after all the above treatment and the condition worsen, it is strongly recommend to bring the patient to the nearest hospital.

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