Tuesday, October 5, 2010

attack the dengue

With the increasing reported cases of dengue virus for the past few months, no one can blame why most of the people are now freaking out. I, myself, even bought anti-mosquito bracelet, always apply and reapply repellent lotion and I was even thinking of using cloth detergents that claims to protect us from the attack of mosquitoes.

As the Department of Health states, the death toll of dengue fever in our country had already reached 500 with most of its victims belongs to the younger group of the population.

With these alarming facts, the best prevention is nothing but a good knowledge. As a registered nurse, having a good background with regard to this issue, let me then share what each of us ought to know.

1. The dengue virus is carried by a FEMALE ONLY mosquito.
2. These FEMALE ONLY mosquito are LOW-FLYING and attacks in the morning.
3. They breed in a CLEAN and STAGNANT water.
4. There is NO approve and tested vaccine for dengue virus.
5. The aim of treatment for dengue fever is avoidance of its complications.
6. There is really NO treatment regimen for DENGUE, only supportive and symptomatic treatment.
7. Dengue fever can be managed at home.

Many might ask how come a fatal disease like dengue fever can actually be managed at home. To be honest, there is really no definite treatment or drugs that can combat the dengue virus. Physician will only treat the arising complication and its symptoms. Paracetamol is given if the patient is febrile, antacids are prescribed for patients complaining of stomach pain. However, the center of the treatment is HYDRATION. If the patient is hospitalized, he or she is maintained on IVF. However, if the patient is treated at home, oresol solution is prescribed to take every 30 minutes.

Oresol Solution can be avail in the all leading drug stores, however, it would be good to know, how to make a home-made oresol solution. Just remember the formula of 1-8-1.

in a 1 liter of water, dissolve 8 teaspoon of white sugar and 1 tablespoon of salt. Make the patient drink at least two glasses of the solution every hour. The solution must be consumed in the span of 24 hours, nevertheless, it must be discarded.

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